Answering Heretics:Saying 'Ya Hussain' is Shirk?

In the Name of Allah Most Merciful Most Beneficent
Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the Prophet Muhammad , his family and companions

Allah Almighty forgive all sins, if a person repents and follow
 the Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salam

Every time when the heretics speak on a subject, they expose their ignorance and stupidity!. The characteristic of hypocrites come out and shows us their reality. It not surprising that the nature of far right bigots and this heretics who walk in the mask of Islam and attack traditional Muslims, is the same! There is a very strong resemblance in their behaviour and attitude!

That's what happened when they shared us a video which they think they have exposed shirk of Sufis!

They posted a video of Shaykh Habib Ali Jifri (Rahimahullah) saying "Ya Hussain" (link below) and attacking him and rest of the Sufis , who say "Ya Hussain" in love and reverence to Imam Hussain bin Ali bin Abi Talib (R.A)

First we are quoting the last part of the video which last 58 seconds.
In which Sayyid habib ali jifri saying, Madad Ya Hussain, is it shirk to say Ya Hussain to remove distress and hope for the blessings by the virtuous name of Imam Hussain?

One of the salafi kid (such as Dr Bilal Philips) earlier said: "If you say Ya Rasool Allah, you are committing shirk by worshipping the Prophet!

So we must bring together the issue of Saying "Ya Muhammad" and "Ya Hussain"

Wahabis follow Imam Bukhari (they claim so).
Imam Bukhari wrote in his book titled "Adab Al Mufrad" (Islamic/Muslim manners), not Mushrik manners ,not bidha manners, because they (salafi) say , Imam Bukhari was salafi, he did not promote shirk!

Imam Bukhari (R.A) wrote in Adab Al Mufrad:

Abu Nu’aym related to us who said that Sufyan related to us from Abu Ishaq from Abdur Rahman ibn Sa’d, who said Ibn Umar had numbness in his leg, whereupon a man said to him Remember the most beloved of people to you, so he
said Ya Muhammad
Reference : Imam Bukhari, Kitab ul Adab ul Mufrad, Page No. 404, Hadith # 964

Well, heretics will have their own stupid arguments, that seeking help is different from calling someone! Because they ignore the context of this Hadith, and never understanding the calling "Ya Muhammad"

So if we can say, Ya Muhammad, can we not say "Ya Hussain"?

Who is Hussain Bin Ali (R.A)?

We need to investigate that first!

According to various ahadith in Jami Tirmidhi, Darussalam Publishers , in the chapter "Manaqib"

It is said that:
The Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salam said: "Husain is from me and I am from Husain"

The order to love Husain:
"Allah Love those who love Husain"
"Al Hasan and Al Husain) are the chiefs of the youths of paradise

The order to follow Ahlul Bayth

Hadiths in Sahih Muslim which explains who are ahlul Bayth

"Family of Ali and his Offspring, Jafar and his offspring, Aqil, Al Abbas" to whom Zakat is forbidden!"

Moreover, it is obligatory for everyone to remember , greet and salute the family of Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salam and family of Nabi Ibrahim a.s

If remembering and greeting ahlul bayth and saliheen as a whole is shirk in prayers, then it would not have been added in the salah!

How can those wahabis prayer be accepted when they have malice against Ahlul Bayt of this times?

What is the difference between wahabis and yazid and his army?

Yazid is the past and Wahabis and salafis is the present face of Yazid who attack present day Ahlul Bayth!

There are various ahadith that says: The best of you are those when they are seen ALLAH the Most High Remembered"

Quran relate the stories of the Prophets and their pious relatives!

So if the pious Imams remembrance and their presence remind us of Allah (make us engage in Zikr) then only a low IQ person attack Habib Ali Jifri and other Shaykhs for remembering pious and seeking help through the virtues of their names!

Know 73 sects through study Hadith and ask questions!

So the deceivers will flee from you

Truth always stands higher and higher

Follow the traditional Islam-the Ottoman Hanafi Sufi Islam, the creed of last Khilafa! Do not get fooled by false sects and their scholars that appeared after the Khilafa! Follow the command of our Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam :"Adhere to the Main Body and it's Leader , if there is no main body and leader (Khilafa) , then Isolate yourself from all these sects and groups until you meet your LORD"

Narrated hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman: The people used to ask Allah’s Apostle about good, but I used to ask him about evil for fear that it might overtake me. Once I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! We were in ignorance and in evil and Allah has bestowed upon us the present good; will there by any evil after this good?” He said, “Yes.” I asked, “Will there be good after that evil?” He said, “Yes, but it would be tained with Dakhan (i.e. Little evil).” I asked, “What will its Dakhan be?” He said, “There will be some people who will lead (people) according to principles other than my tradition. You will see their actions and disapprove of them.” I said, “Will there by any evil after that good?” He said, “Yes, there will be some people who will invite others to the doors of Hell, and whoever accepts their invitation to it will be thrown in it (by them).” I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Describe those people to us. ” He said, “*They will belong to us and speak our language” I asked, “What do you order me to do if such a thing should take place in my life?” He said, “Adhere to the group of Muslims and their Chief.” I asked, “If there is neither a group (of Muslims) nor a chief (what shall I do)?” He said, “Keep away from all those different sects, even if you had to bite (i.e. eat) the root of a tree, till you meet Allah while you are still in that state. (Sahih Bukhari,Book 56, Hadith 803)

This Hadith raise questions about the legitimacy of many groups who contradict the main body and it's cheif!

So let's summarise HADITH in following the points.

1- The Hadith speaks about the evil which will come upon the Muslim world.!
2- The evil come upon the Arabs from Arabs!, Not from Iraqis or Persians!
3- the evil mentioned in the Hadith is religious ideological faction rather than political, but it explains there will be political shift as well due to that ideological evil!
4- The Hadith instruct a salaf (sahabi) to stick to the main body,jamah and leader! , Usually it is the caliph and his creed! While some people today claim we must follow salaf without any base in the Qur'an and sunnah, the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him instruct sahabi to follow the way and cheif of muslims of the time !

5- the Hadith shows a historical timeline and history coincide with the facts!

6- the Hadith speaks about the duty of the Muslim, when there is no main body and it's leader!

7- historically Arabian Islamic world entered into the world without khalifa since 1920s when the osmaniya khilafa was abolished! So the Hadith only point to osmaniya,whom we must follow as examples of Deen in our time. Because it's the ONLY last legitimate jamah of ahlu sunnah!

8- The only ideological movement that emerged from Arabia in this period of fitnah (the vanishing of khalifa and jamah,k in Arabian peninsula till this day is salafi ideological movement!

9- the prophet undoubtedly says that it is the call to hell fire and orders sahabi to adherr to the main. Body and imam!

10- The believers are told to isolate from all this groups and sects that came outside of the jamah and cheif.!

11- the Osmaniya (Ottomans) were Hanafi Sufi Sunni Muslims and filed with the banner of Islam nearly 700 years , nearly 6 mujaddid must have appeared in this time.

12- all the well known traditions of Sunni Islam is followed by Ottomans and caliphate before them! We will come to discuss those later!

So the question is how are you as a salafi,deobandi, tabligh,or others linked to the last jamah and creed and caliphate?!
And about 73 sects, we follow the Osmaniya way according to this Hadiths, explain how can you fit into this Hadith other than the place where prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him warned about you?

Are you really following the Prophet? , No, you are not? If you dispute with me then come for a discussion/debate! Let's see who is truthful and who are the liars!

Peace be upon the Prophets of Allah
Praise be to Allah the LORD of all Creations

15 December 2019